Saturday, November 14, 2009

Time to Begin Again

It's time to begin this blog seriously. I haven't posted since the very beginning, but would like to develop a following and regularly post market commentary. Obviously I can't post all of "Sunny Side of the Street" for free, but I could post highlights. Can anybody comment as to what you'd like to see appear here? I'm thinking comments about day-trading the Forex GBPUSD would be interesting and it's certainly profitable. So, what do you think? Comments please.
Please note that the beginning post was sure timely. In fact the market did tank and go right for the 7000 mark, as predicted! Keep in touch.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Market Strategy

The Dow is now poised to make a run for it and climb steeply, or begin a correction which could dip as low as the 7000 mark. It's unclear which way it will go as of this date, but something is about to break.
We gave the warning to sell before the last dip, and at this juncture are suggesting putting in buy stop above and sell stop below the current level to enter automatically.
Let's use this blog to discuss all things financial, and technical.